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Obviously This Whole Blog is Socially Constructed

Emily: sloppy American, mean ol' lesbian, and non-profit worker. Posts science fiction, fashion, pretty pictures, and American culture.

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Sep 7 '14

professorspork replied to your post: professorspork replied to your post “I…

she is charming eight ways from sunday and i am in love with her. it’s just that she was a past life???? of the current companion??? only it got erased???? ugh whatever unimportant she is my sun and stars i have to ignore the rest

Aww, that’s really the most frustrating, when dudes write a fantastic female character but just squander her potential immediately.

That is what fanfiction is for! And also, the crying out of many angry fans againt Moffat’s bullshit, until he is replaced

Sep 7 '14

professorspork replied to your post “In my grand tradition of watching random Doctor Who episodes all out…”

Oswin actually has a much larger significance later on in the series, which is unfortunate because SHE has largely been forgotten. The Ponds divorce plot was the worst, but this episode was a surprising delight otherwise. Just wish it mattered.

Oh, that’s such a shame!!!! I thought she was hells of charming.

The divorce plot was such obviously contrived bullshit. Relationships never work like that? But I just sort of ignored it, because I’m not generally familiar with those companions. And remembered that everyone was mad about the way Moffat wrote them.

Thank you for your valued opinion!!! <3

Sep 6 '14

hausofodin replied to your post “Do you ever go about your life with this overwhelming sense that…”

i think it’s the heat

That’s part of it, definitely!

(I’m going to do a general discussion of my ~*experiences*~ here and it’s going to be pretty much bullshit, so you should know I’m not expecting you to reply if you don’t have anything to say. <3 Miss you my friend! I should call you again!)

I would say I’m more used to heat (80-85 ish) than I am to air conditioned environments. We don’t air condition my house too hard so I’m used to my whole body being covered in a light sheen of sweat. And now that I’m going to work and it’s too cold for me, I’m like ???? because parts of my body still get sweaty, no matter how dry the rest of me is. Like, my feet are sweating a lot in these shoes; is that normal? But if I walk around work with no shoes on to avoid this my feet will get dirty! Why don’t I really own socks? If I still sweat under my arms when it’s cool inside, does that make me gross???

Also I have a job where I sit down a lot and it’s WEIRD. I am SO USED to running around all day. After like 3 hours of writing I just want to take a walk; otherwise I feel like the food I ate is sitting inside me, like a big ‘ol rock.

Aug 6 '14

inkybloc replied to your post: I love that earlier video game music c…

I used to go straight through and get everything that sounded cool and that was like all 10-year-old me listened to. Then the computer crashed and I lost my whole collection.

That sounds very much like you!!!! I would actually love to hear that collection; it’s a shame it was lost.

Jul 31 '14

whisperwhisk replied to your post “This job application is like “please list all the places you have…”

Job apps are terrible. All of them. Every single one!


I had a job in 2009 and every time I fill out one of these- EVERY TIME- I completely forget what my supervisor’s name was, how much I was paid… it’s a pain in the ass, because it was a shitty 15 hours a week go-on-twitter-half-the-time job. Also I don’t keep track of exact dates (this is my fault) so I always get pissed off when I can’t just say the month I started; I have to provide the EXACT DAY; I don’t remember that shit so I (in a potentially dangerous move) always give the first of the month for both starting and ending

I whine because I’m afraid this potential employer is going to be all “…this bitch doesn’t even know her own life, bye”

Jul 22 '14

duckish replied to your post “The ADD medication seems to be WORKING????? I am setting miniscule to…”

Isn’t it amazing how you can become a functional adult and you realize that you weren’t just being lazy or worthless the whole time SOMETHING WAS ACTUALLY WRONG?? I think it’s amazing. You are awesome. I hope this works for you! :D

:’) Thank you friend! I think it’s amazing, too, that I might have figured out precisely what was wrong. I’m going to see how this goes; hopefully I’ll keep making progress.

Jul 14 '14

scratchdoc replied to your post “I keep thinking I need to find some social activity to join, and get…” ?

Precisely where I’m looking! A little sparse on things that I can participate in, to be honest.

Jul 13 '14

duckish replied to your post: I overlooked/forgot a lot of things th…


I know, right? Atrocity demands justice! She’s so rad.

Jul 13 '14

chriskringlefucker replied to your post: Who’s gonna write “Lin Bei Fong’s hard…

persistent kindness/sexy advances of who tho

whisperwhisk replied to your post “Who’s gonna write “Lin Bei Fong’s hardened heart melts from the…”


Y’all I am looking in the Lin Beifong AO3 tag and there is a severe dearth of fics primarily oriented around middle aged women gazing into each others’ eyes. Disgraceful!!!

I suppose I could fix that, but it would require some serious research into Avatar lore. Maybe I’d go for some Lin/Kya, or Lin/Zuko’s daughter who I don’t remember the name of. Or Lin/OC.

Jul 10 '14

neversoma replied to your post “mintsharpie replied to your post “I am missing Boston very much right…”

Yes I’m sorry I didn’t notice this post count me in as well! Back in the days when I could just wander over to “the suite” I didn’t have half as much to talk about with you as I potentially do now.

Back at you, friend! Hopefully I’ll be able to drop by soon.