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Obviously This Whole Blog is Socially Constructed

Emily: sloppily femme American lesbian. Part time retail worker. Has vaguely defined aesthetic values. Science fiction, Hindi film, media criticism, leftism, the culture of industrialism, pretty-ass pictures.

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Jul 14 '14

scratchdoc replied to your post “I keep thinking I need to find some social activity to join, and get…” ?

Precisely where I’m looking! A little sparse on things that I can participate in, to be honest.

Jul 13 '14

duckish replied to your post: I overlooked/forgot a lot of things th…


I know, right? Atrocity demands justice! She’s so rad.

Jul 13 '14

chriskringlefucker replied to your post: Who’s gonna write “Lin Bei Fong’s hard…

persistent kindness/sexy advances of who tho

whisperwhisk replied to your post “Who’s gonna write “Lin Bei Fong’s hardened heart melts from the…”


Y’all I am looking in the Lin Beifong AO3 tag and there is a severe dearth of fics primarily oriented around middle aged women gazing into each others’ eyes. Disgraceful!!!

I suppose I could fix that, but it would require some serious research into Avatar lore. Maybe I’d go for some Lin/Kya, or Lin/Zuko’s daughter who I don’t remember the name of. Or Lin/OC.

Jul 10 '14

neversoma replied to your post “mintsharpie replied to your post “I am missing Boston very much right…”

Yes I’m sorry I didn’t notice this post count me in as well! Back in the days when I could just wander over to “the suite” I didn’t have half as much to talk about with you as I potentially do now.

Back at you, friend! Hopefully I’ll be able to drop by soon.

Jul 10 '14

mintsharpie replied to your post “I am missing Boston very much right now”

We miss you too *hugs*
it misses you too (if by it i can mean the people who live there because yeah)

;_; Ya’ll are too much <3

Jul 8 '14

whisperwhisk replied to your post “TUMBLR MEME TIME. Post five nice things about yourself, then send this to ten other people you like!”

I think at least four people I know, myself included, have mentioned something about admiring our own stupid pretty eyes. WHY IS EVERYONE ATTRACTIVE.

Devastatingly attractive nerds alert

Jul 8 '14

whisperwhisk asked:

TUMBLR MEME TIME. Post five nice things about yourself, then send this to ten other people you like!

I always ignore these because I am just the pits at coming up with positive things that aren’t the same old bullshit I throw on my resume. But ok. Let’s give it a shot! POSITIVE THINKING.

1. I am fucking amazing at parsing other people’s understanding of the world. I can determine someone’s basic ideological orientation after talking to them for like five minutes. That’s why I love history, specifically finding threads of ideas that just continue onwards and evolve into different forms. So fun.

2. I think I’m entering a point in my life where I’m not so much concerned with “understanding everyone’s point of view” and then “picking the specific point of view that suits mine best.” Now I’m a little more confident about trusting my own judgement, whether or not it exactly conforms to some existing philosophy. I believe that is a trait integral to becoming AN ADULT.

3. I’m really good at putting together color palettes, for clothes and other things.

4. I make a perfect cup of tea.

5. I am very handsome. I am slowly internalizing that idea! It is hard after having a low opinion of my looks for so long, but I am getting used to looking in the mirror and being floored by my hella high cheekbones and piercing gray eyes. Heavens to betsy.

I like everyone, so it’s hard for me to choose just five folks to tag. Also… I don’t want to bother people. 

Jul 4 '14
i always have dreams about work being so busy that everything goes to shit. it’s the WORST.

Aw! :(

This was about some people that got in after we closed and would not take no for an answer even when I got visibly upset

Jun 16 '14

longroadstonowhere replied to your post: Someone on my dash is seriously saying…

ah yes, the avocado, native to mexico and central america. truly a ‘white ppl’ thing.

Yep! They deleted those tags, likely realizing their phrasing sounded awful after they posted it, but I laughed regardless

I think they were specifically talking about how white people blow up the deliciousness of it and crank up the price and act all bougie over it? But they live far away from where they’re grown (meaning they’ll be expensive), and also there are way more foods the white foodie mainstream has latched onto in a kind of faddish and uncomfortable way. Agave… acai berries… goji berries… probably some more foods “discovered amongst the tribes of ablooblahblah, so we’re selling them now for max profits like assholes” or w/e

Jun 13 '14

Anonymous asked:

Feels on Faking It?

I talked about Faking It here.

Of course, I wrote that post before the finale, which I’ve heard is very controversial. I honestly have little to say about that issue, just because I don’t know the intricacies of the characters, but I’m hoping the series will ultimately be respectful of queer women. I would be happy to see bona-fide, respectfully represented bisexual characters or lesbian characters on television. We need more of both, honestly. Also, hoping someone to actually use the word “bisexual” (looking at you, Orange is the New Black).