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Gorgeous and Sexy Failure Blog

Emily: sloppily femme American lesbian. Part time retail worker. Has vaguely defined aesthetic values. Science fiction, Hindi film, media criticism, leftism, the culture of industrialism, pretty-ass pictures.

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Apr 23 '14

fyeahlilbit3point0 replied to your post: I had a crepe today and I still want p…

Pickle pancake?

Lmao, maybe I’ll be craving that if I ever get pregnant

In A Pickle is a really good brunch place in MA that serves basically candy breakfast. Amazing candy pancakes, even when there’s not actual candy in those pancakes. And I want it. IHOP won’t do. Too bad I’m like 1,000 states away!

Apr 18 '14

inkybloc replied to your post:

You always bust through the box.

Right? Absolute pain in the ass

Apr 18 '14

whisperwhisk replied to your post “Literally every video on YouTube an ad for the Mormon Church. I’ve had…”

Install AdBlocker!

Nah man, I’m not annoyed enough. I’d rather suffer through three-15 seconds of an ad than rob the content provider from however many cents they’d be getting for their work. If AdBlocker even blocks the statistics (how many ads viewed, clicked, w/e), like. If it even works that way.

Apr 7 '14

longroadstonowhere replied to your post: longroadstonowhere replied to your pos…

yeah, like, i’d be sad if the movie did poorly and stupid execs said ‘see, women can’t lead action movies’ instead of looking at whether there were other problems with it

Shit. And that’s likely what’s going to happen, isn’t it. Look at Hunger Games, execs!

Apr 7 '14

all-four-cheekbones replied to your post: Man Lucy just looks like a hella medio…

I was squinting from the beginning of the “what did you do to my stomach” and ragequit out of the trailer when I got to “ten percent of our brains,” even if it’s Morgan Freeman saying it.

lmao I know, I’m surprised so many white feminists are excited about this movie when the premise is really not empowering in the slightest? Some racist trope surgically implants drugs in her body without her consent? Her subsequent powers makes her “lose her humanity”? Cool

Not even Morgan Freeman could make that crap sound legit.

Apr 7 '14

longroadstonowhere replied to your post: Man Lucy just looks like a hella medio…

yeah, that’s pretty much how i felt about it - i’m happy for scarjo, i guess, but i wish she could be the lead in a totally awesome movie

Yeah, ScarJo is a fantastic actress and she deserves better IMO! This is like that time Charlize Theron starred in Aeon Flux. Or when Halle Berry starred in Catwoman.

Mar 21 '14

fyeahlilbit3point0 replied to your post: I just asked a girl who I talked to fo…

Get it.

Thank you but you Don’t Understand!!!!!!!! I’m the opposite of smooth!!!!!!!!! The learning curve is horribly steep!!!!!!!

(…I’ll keep you informed)

Mar 3 '14

tehstripe replied to your post: Hey, this is me shooting a .45 at my f…

you’re a true texan now, i am so proud

Sheds a single tear. Finally, I am home.

Mar 1 '14

hibernatingknarl replied to your post: This cold isn’t as bad as it could be,…

=( hope your cold decides to disappear soon!

Thank you! Me too. I have work… and groomsperson duties to fufill next week!

Feb 28 '14

inkybloc answered your post: If I changed my user icon on here what…

Jones the cat!

This is a good idea PRINT IT