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Gorgeous and Sexy Failure Blog

Emily: sloppily femme American lesbian. Part time retail worker. Has vaguely defined aesthetic values. Science fiction, Hindi film, media criticism, leftism, the culture of industrialism, pretty-ass pictures.

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Apr 17 '14


5 Minute Avocado Sorbet…RECIPE

Apr 14 '14
Apr 12 '14





Sweet Cheesus!

Click through for recipes.

Holy shit.

With a moment of silence for grilled PB&J.

I’m actually crying.

Mar 10 '14
Feb 27 '14
Feb 17 '14


Just because it’s tiny, fancy, and French doesn’t mean you can’t make it right in your kitchen.

Read more: How to Make Apple Pâte de Fruits at Home on Food52.

Jan 29 '14
Jan 24 '14
Dec 20 '13
Nov 25 '13


Sticky-Sweet Cinnamon Roll Breakfast “Soufflé” with Plump Raisins, topped with Creamy Icing, a drizzle of Caramel, and Toasted Pecans