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Aug 12 '12

Geek Girl Con!

It’s cool. The only other con I’ve attended is NYCC, and this one’s much less crowded and more relaxed! Also, being surrounded by like-minded women is very affirming.

I’ve been to a lot of panels today. The first was "Moffat’s Women," and though I didn’t understand what they were talking about half the time I enjoyed the discussion. Topics included: the difference between the way Moffat and Davies introduce and frame women and queers, the doctor’s potential to be reborn in a female body, the function of a companion (and their typical emotional state), the TARDIS’s “gender,” what went wrong with River Song, etc.

My next panel featured Gail Simone and the Batgirl of SDCC; they talked about comics, ladies, and the industry! Both women had fantastic insight. I was able to talk to Gail for a few seconds at a signing right after the panel… she’s one of my favorite writers and I was glad to have an opportunity to tell her how much I enjoy her work face-to-face.

The next panel I attended was about gender and race in The Hunger Games. It was really well presented! Topics included: how Katniss’s characterization encompasses some “lone male in the wilderness” tropes, her motivation as a provider, the value of reciprocity in the Seam, race as a socio-economic divider in Panem, race in the Hunger Games movies, etc.

Even though I have never played a Bioware game in my life, I attended the ladies of Bioware panel and learned a lot about game creation! The panel included women from all different areas of production, and they described each of their individual creative roles along with the relationships they have with other departments. As always, editorial sounds like the department for me (maintaining consistency! Coordinating between departments!), but listening to the level designer talk about producing a realized game space was super interesting, too. Other topics included: how many resources go into creating romantic plots, what parts of game building require the most sweat and tears, how each of them landed in the game industry, how to get experience in creating games, etc.

It was also REALLY nice seeing a big spread of women involved in each level of creation… it gives me hope that I can find employment in the media industry, wherever particular industry that job might be in.

Lastly, I went to the Once More With Feeling sing-along! It was super fun. I’m a little surprised I still know all the words!

I’m pretty tired from all of that, but all of the excitement was worth it. I still have to plan what I’m doing tomorrow but it’ll probably be as kick-ass as the stuff I attended today.

  1. chakwas said: Ladies in BioWare… *clutches chest to keep the feels from spilling forth*
  2. girl-in-the-library said: Man, all that sounds awesome! I am jealous and also excited for you. It sounds like a great con, with some excellent excellent panels!
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