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May 3 '12

Women: They don’t like Superheros and they have no sense of humor


Work has been incredibly busy, hence, the sporadic posting this week. But there are few things I’ll post now and expand on later.

First if you haven’t read this post over on Moviefone run over before they delete it, bury it or worse.

As a quick recap, the article was a “girl” guide to watching to the Avengers if you boyfriend dragged you along. One would have thought an editor would have seen the TNT sparking off the article on the first paragraph:

As your boyfriend probably told you, “The Avengers” is hitting theaters this Friday. And you, dutiful girlfriend, are attending. But you hate action movies and you’ve never even read a comic book. (Of course, that’s not a slight against the girls who actually do read comic books — i.e. real fans, actual people with varied interests — but for this, let’s just go with the stock view of ladies, ladies!)

The shit hit the fan and the Moviefone, part of the Huffington Post empire (which also employs Laura Hudson, a “girl” as the editor of its comics site Comics Alliance …IRONY!) had to start spinning a like a gyroscope:

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Wow, this is really stupid? I understand condescending shit like this is dismissive of me and my kind, but today I’m more offended by their apparently UNQUENCHABLE DESIRE to display their inconsequential intelligence to the world. We see it, bros. Good job?

Acknowledging female fans, then outright dismissing them. And pretending as if a mass-advertised action movie that both genders will see pretty equally is, in fact, not in English, but a language only men could understand? Okay, NOBODY can understand all Whedonisms, it’s just impossible.

Also I’m pretty sure most men and women attending this movie have never picked up a comic in their lives. It’s not like comics are a dying medium only enjoyed by a tiny slice of the population or anything.

If it’s satire, it’s bad; if it’s not satire, it’s worse. Congratulations, responsible staff of Moviefone, you’re pretty dumb! And everyone knows it.

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    Read the article.They could have called it ‘An idiot who doesn’t understand the Avengers’ and it still would have been...
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    *Reads the complete article* *RAAAAGES* Oh god and it’s a woman who redacted this miserable pile of shite. /)_- I always...
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    What’s really funny is that I would be dragging my boyfriend to The Avengers if I could because he’s weird about comic...
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    Ugh. The whole “girls hate superheroes” thing is such BS. Honestly, I bet my friends and I are the most excited for the...
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    Wow, I, as a woman, am offended by this stupidity. Fans shouldn’t, and Should NEVER be, divided by gender. Fans are...
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    Seriously? Fucking hell. What does it take for people to understand that action, drama, superheroes, etc - these are all...
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    Fun knows no gender… Thank you so much for sharing this! (:
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