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Obviously This Whole Blog is Socially Constructed

Emily: sloppily femme American lesbian. Part time retail worker. Has vaguely defined aesthetic values. Science fiction, Hindi film, media criticism, leftism, the culture of industrialism, pretty-ass pictures.
Aug 30 '14



Laverne Cox SLAYED the Facebook Photo Stop on the Emmys Red Carpet.


Aug 30 '14

Reblog If You Would Play Dungeons and Dragons With Terezi Pyrope

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Aug 30 '14

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Aug 30 '14
Aug 30 '14

tehstripe replied to your post “Do you think I can convince my dad to knock down our ugly-ass…”

we have a fireplace in my house and my mom turns it on any time the weather is even slightly cold

Wow. That takes some major fireplace maintenance dedication.

My mom has a fireplace, too, though we only use it on special occasions. Like. For Christmas.

My dad’s fireplace houses a log covered with over 15 years’ worth of dust

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Aug 30 '14

This just in: Rose/dude ships are still disgusting

Aug 30 '14



never not reblog


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Aug 30 '14

Do you think I can convince my dad to knock down our ugly-ass fireplace and put in a series of windows instead? It would probably look better

We never use that thing! Who would? I never lived anywhere in MA that had a fireplace! We live in Texas! This isn’t some cozy ski cabin shit.

Aug 30 '14
Aug 30 '14

I unpacked my suitcase today and my clothes all smelled like fresh seattle-area air.